He is Baldo Messina, year 1963. A very long experience at the side of directors of photography like Giorgio Abballe, in the Pavarotti & Friends studios or around the world with Renzo Arbore.

A reporter speaking with its pictures, shifting from the 25 frames per second to the single click of a picture. At the side of some of the main Italian anchormen: Piero Ruotolo, Michele Santoro, Natalia Augias.

Renzo Arbore’s confidential collaborator, he edited the pictures of the covers of his last albums and travelled with him during the USA tour (Carnegie Hall, New York) and through Canada and Latin America.

Becoming director of Rai International, Renzo Arbore wanted him to be a correspondent from China for two months for the most important reportages on the country that scares many people today. But he also make some specials on the Samba School of Rio de Janeiro.

A boy from the far suburbs of Italy who has gone a long way and has worked hard to realize his dreams. Good luck he says.

On the stage of the “Festival di Sanremo” as well as at the side of Tom Jones or George Benson.

“When I was a child Baldo says I dreamt such things. Growing up I managed to do them”.




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